Ms. Zulick, Club Co-Advisor

About Ms. Zulick
● German immersion school K-8th grade
● Traveled to Germany & Italy
● We emphasize the importance of global
awareness in the classroom, but there’s really no
better way to drive the message home to
students than to have them experience the
culture for themselves – the food, the people, the


Belize 2017 Highlights

National Bird of Belize

Beautiful images taken by Sean Stoyko

Gian relaxing on a limb

Ms. Kithcart, Club Advisor & GCC Founder in Costa Rica


John Keats, an English poet, said, ”Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” It is my hope that members of the Global Citizens Club will experience what it means to become true global citizens.  They will be provided opportunities that teach critical thinking, problem solving and global competence.  Through collaboration with each other and our global-minded partners, our commitment to 21st century learning can be realized.  Students will gain new perspectives and build skills for the future through the many activities we have planned for our club.  I have had the amazing opportunity to lead seven and eight day educational excursions to  Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama.  These trips took HMS students out of their comfort zones and into an experience that made them more open-minded and confident about traveling and using another language to communicate.  In Costa Rica,  students visited the Poás Volcano. The volcano embodies the powerful geothermal forces that formed Costa Rica. Students found themselves relaxing in therapeutic hot springs, zipping through a forest canopy filled with monkeys and macaws, hiking to La Fortuna Waterfall, and marveling at Costa Rica’s natural beauty and amazing biodiversity. Seeing it firsthand inspired a lasting respect for the environment and ignited a desire to see more of the world.  The trips to Belize and Panama were equally transformative.  I can’t wait to lead the tour to London and the countryside in July 2019.



Mrs. Talley, Retired Club Advisor & GCC Co-Founder in Ghana

talley pipe

I traveled to Ghana in January of 2011 with a group of UNC-G students on a 10 day mission trip to build a school in a small village outside of Kumasi. We were welcomed and blessed by the elders in the village at the time of our arrival. Our group carried blocks and water to the work site, dug out the foundation and other building chores, along with members of the village. When we rode the bus to the job site everyday, children would come out of their homes to wave at us along the way. We visited historical sites of the area and the many markets with African crafts, jewelry and fabrics on display. This trip was life changing for me in giving me a better perspective of the world and how other people live. I consider myself to be so fortunate to live in the United States, and I have a passion for helping others to make sure that all people have the basics of life; clean water, adequate housing, a safe environment to live in and access to a good education. I will do my small part, whenever I can, to make the world a better place, especially for “our” global children.

Mr. McCabe – China



great wallIMG_0525

Mr. McCabe visited Beijing, China in December 2014 for 8 days with another WCPSS principal to visit the Beijing Royal School(BRS). BRS is a K-12 private school that works to place their students in prominent universities around the world, particularly in America. All classes are taught in English, as studying English is a requirement for all students. The primary purpose of the visit was to engage in discussion on curriculum development and provide some professional development (PD) in the areas of curriculum development, literacy integration and incorporating critical thinking into lessons. Mr. McCabe enjoyed a variety of authentic Chinese cuisines and had the opportunity to experience some cultural experiences, including a talent show at BRS.