Irish Extravaganza

The Global Citizens Club’s focus for March was on Ireland. Students cut out Irish proverbs and images to decorate our bulletin boardIMG_9872.

Members enjoyed independently researching Irish history, geography, culture and cuisine. The finale was an amazing Irish dance performance on March 17th at 7am to celebrate the culture and, of course, Ms. Kithcart’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday! Students were thoroughly mesmerized by the performance!


They were equally ecstatic about the opportunity to go on stage and learn a few Irish dance moves. Members also received a more in depth understanding of Irish dance through the Q&A session that followed the performance. IMG_9893


A huge thank you went out to Mr. Abe, our 8th grade Social Studies teacher and the Global Citizens Club “biggest fan” for arriving to school early to not only watch the performance but also participate! It was truly an “Irish Extravaganza!”

IMG_9901 IMG_9908