Donation to Sacred Heart Primary School


Message from the Sacred Heart Primary School in Belize:

Once more, many thanks for your generous donation. The kids and teachers of Sacred Heart Primary School are very thankful for the supplies. Attached are several photos we took on Friday when items were delivered.school_girls
All the best,
Lea Itzab

77 Burns Avenue | San Ignacio, Cayo | Belize C.A.
+501-824-2037 ext.26 | toll free 1-877-709-8707

Message to the Global Citizens Club:

I have to say thanks a million again for the school supplies. That was very kind of you and your school to take the time out to purchase these items, label them and pack them – this shows that a lot of time and energy was put into all of this…. most important for what it actually cost to get it down here as well, we received 26 lbs of school supplies.. .WOW! this was a big one, so a BIG THANK YOU!!supplies